Universita of Life

We are taught many things like how to be engineers, doctors, architects, etc. No one is taught how to be a good husband or wife. No one is taught that ordinary life is actually good. No one is taught that relationships take a lot of work. No one is taught that every event in your life no matter how hurtful is designed to shape you into a better person and it is how you react to a situation that will determine what impact and influence it will actually have in your life. We spend years pursuing educational degrees and knowledge but we as a society lack the real knowledge of life. The Universita of Life has one purpose and that is to share meaningful messages from great minds and thinkers to help us understand and look at life from another perspective, from a perspective that it should be looked at. We’ll be looking at self-development, love and relationships, religion, society, and generally, will be exploring life deepest questions and hopefully, we’ll all find meaning, at least a different perspective on how you’ve always looked at things.